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Beautiful World
10 mars 2009 à 09:51:43
Beautiful World is a music project by Phil Sawyer. Project had big success in 90's. Music was connection of Enigma and Deep Forest style. Some of you may know one of the greatest hits from this project "Wonderful World". Music was used in Timotei Commercial.
Beautiful World have only two albums. No one knows why project stoped exists.

Beautiful World was amazing journey throu soundscapes. on this project you can hear songs in english language but also in Swahili.

Every Enigma fan must listen to this.

Discography :

Album :

1994 - In Existence
1994 - In Existence | Alternative Version
1996 - Forever
2005 - In Existence - Remastered | Alternative Version

Singles :

- In Existence
- In The Beginning
- I Know (with Exclusive non album Track)
- Wonderful World
- Love Is Everything | Africa
- Children Of The Future

Video - Unofficial - Wonderful World

Video - Unofficial - In Existence

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