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02 mai 2012 à 06:52:59

INTERLUDE, a digital sampler released in 2012, groups together six tracks from previous albums, selected by Australis' audience through several polls performed on their Facebook page; plus two bonus tracks that are part of Australis' fourth physical release, still to be titled.

Bringing together a very wide mixture of styles and acoustic landscaped, this digital sampler is intended as an introduction of Australis' music to listeners who are just coming to it for the first time. Listeners from everywhere on the planet contributed selecting these tracks, considering them the ones that best represent Australis' unique acoustic stamp.


1.Between The Sun & The Moon
2.The Hoodoo's Whisper
4.Man Must Explore
5.Turns Of Faith - NEW RECORDING
7.Vanishing Point

Album available in FLAC, MP3 and OGG formats.
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