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OSMOZE "Osmoze" / The Album - FREE DOWNLOAD

"Osmoze" album is a continuation of The Rose Keller Project. It is focused on nature sounds & hipnotic mixture of electronic elements. With the extraordinary sensual voice of Alex introducing you in a misterious world of dreams & magic. Osmoze is timeless & magic sound from the soul of nature.

Artist: Osmoze
Album: Osmoze
Year: 2013
Quality: iTunes Plus (m4a vbr 256 kbps)
Genre: Enigmatic, New Age

1.Osmoze (with Intro) - featuring Alex
2.The Fire Myth
3.Discover The Rainbow
4.Praying In Temple
6.Garden Of Senses - featuring George Keller
7.Sunrise Over The Forgotten Land
8.Foreign Sunshine
9.In The Name Of Good
10.Tranquil Orizon
11.Save Me (with Outro) - feauting Alex

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Official Website:
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