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Michael Cretu & Cantus
16 mars 2014 à 07:57:48
Michael Cretu has recently been trying out a new software called "Cantus" for professional musicians. This innovative plugin is able to create Gregorian chants without resorting to a real choir.

In the words of Michael Cretu provided to the website that offers the service of this new software, Best Service:

"For me Cantus is the best plug-in for Gregorian chants.The recording quality is superb! Surely I will use Cantus in one of my future productions. (Michael Cretu, march 2014)"

listen to Cantus track "Dandelion / The Enigma Tribute" by Ivan Torrent on soundcloud

Official Website / Cantus
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Re : Michael Cretu & Cantus
Réponse #1 21 mars 2014 à 17:03:38
Very interesting. Thanks Oceano