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Andru Donalds "Dream On Tour 2014"
05 avril 2014 à 20:09:11

Andru lately was touring in Russia and as always he performed also few Enigma tracks :) here is full setlist from the tour:

1.Hello & Welcome (Enigma) (Live)
2.Mishale (Live)
3.Dream On (Live)
4.All Out Of Love (Live)
5.Simple Obsession (Live)
6.In The Shadow In The Light (Enigma) (Live)
7.Gravity Of Love (Enigma) (Live)
8.Seven Lives (Enigma) (Live)
9.Crazy (Live)
10.And I Feel (Live)
11.Falling Down (Live)
12.Serenade (Live)
13.One Night Lover (Live)
14.Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) (Live)
15.Officially (Live) - Exclusive Premiere

16.Redemption Song (Bob Marley) (Live)
17.Iron Lion (Live)

Video : Seven Lives (Live)]

Video: Gravity Of Love (Live)]

Video: In The Shadow, In The Light (Live)]
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