Andru Donalds "Songs Of My Live" - Exclusive Concert 2014  (Lu 2788 fois)


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Andru Donalds & Cascada gave lately special concert in Germany. During the concert he performed 8 tracks in total (one was with Cascada). Concert was streamed online so You can watch full concert on youtube:

"Songs Of My Life: Das Wohnzimmerkonzert - 3/04/2014" Setlist:

Part 1: Cascada

1.Evacuate The Dancefloor (Live)
2.Glorious (Live)
3.What Hurts The Most (Live)
4.Breathless (Live)
5.Impossible (Live)
6.Golden Train (Live)
7.Everytime We Touch (Live)
8.Ready For Love (Live)
9.Blink (Live)
10.I'll Be There (Duet with Andru Donalds)

Part 2 - Andru Donalds

1.Hello And Welcome (Enigma) (Live)
2.Mishale (Live)
3.Simple Obsession (Live)
4.All Out Of Love (Live)
5.Officially (Live)
6.Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) (Live)
7.Redemption Song (Live)

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