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Autre planète musicale / Re : Schiller
« Dernier message par Oceano le 18 octobre 2021 à 09:40:27 »

Autre planète musicale / Re : Schiller
« Dernier message par Oceano le 26 septembre 2021 à 10:32:25 »

New album "EPIC" by Schiller - Release date: 12 Nov. 2021
Format: Digital Download / CD+Blu-Ray (Deluxe) / 2xCD+Blu-Ray (Super Deluxe) / Vinyl-LP

Inspired by large-scale film music, Christopher von Deylen (Schiller) develops his own epic orchestral sound on his new album "Epic". To achieve this, he combines his atmospheric sound worlds with emotional orchestral arrangements to create a gigantic head cinema soundtrack.

Schiller collaborated for the recordings with the 40-piece symphonic orchestra of the famous Synchron Stage in Vienna, where the likes of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard have recorded.

"Working with forty creative people was a breathtaking experience," says Schiller looking back. "Although there are now sound libraries with excellent samples, real instruments are fortunately irreplaceable. You immediately feel a wonderful, powerful energy. Being in a huge room full of collective creative power is incredibly inspiring. On Epic, I try to capture that vibe and transfer it to the listener."

Epic" contains twelve opulent pieces on which the unique Schiller sound merges with fantasy and fiction. Each track is a self-contained musical narrative with goosebumps guaranteed.

The Deluxe Edition contains the album "Epic" on CD 1 and the Blu-ray in a digipack with 24-page booklet. The Blu-ray contains the complete album in Dolby Atmos multi-channel sound, extensive behind-the-scenes material and exclusive orchestral performances.

The limited Super Deluxe Edition contains 2 CDs, 1 BluRay and a 40-page hardcover artbook in a slipcase. CD1 contains the album "Epic" with 12 epic electronic orchestra tracks. There are 12 more new SCHILLER pieces on CD2. The BluRay contains the complete album in Dolby Atmos multi-channel sound, extensive behind-the-scenes material and exclusive orchestral performances.

"Free the Dragon" - Official Video

"White Nights (Don't Let Me Go)" - Official Video

Autre planète musicale / Re : Deep Forest
« Dernier message par Oceano le 26 septembre 2021 à 09:52:36 »

New album: "Eponymous" by Deep Forest - OUT NOW! (Only Digital Download)

“This album Eponymous is a totally new re -recording of the very first DF album, recreating all tracks of this 30 years old album was a big challenge. As you know, recreating 100% identical full projects with so many details in the playing, sound design, mixing and mastering is just impossible, but I tried to render the feeling I had from this wonderful music. Some parts are new, some are a little bit different, but for sure it’s 100% Deep Forest. Enjoy!” - Eric

1. Deep Forest (Version 2021)
2. Sweet Lullaby (Version 2021)
3. Night Bird (Version 2021)
4. First Twilight (Version 2021)
5. White Whisper (Version 2021)
6. Hunting (Version 2021)
7. Desert Walk (Version 2021)
8. Second Twilight (Version 2021)


There is also an exclusive album "Deep Symphonic" released in 2020 (Digital Download / Limited Edition CD)

"A journey thru electronic and symphonic arrangements of some of the most iconic Deep Forest songs, this album was mixed with the Ambidio Looking Glass technology, providing an immersive experience!"

1. Deep Forest (Symphonic Version) [Deep Forest (Eponymous) World Mix]
2. Cafe Europa (Symphonic Version) [Boheme]
3. Night Bird (Symphonic Version) [Deep Forest (Eponymous) / World Mix]
4. Bulgarian Melody (Symphonic Version) [Boheme]
5. Balkan Melody (Symphonic Version) [New Recording]
6. Sweet Lullaby (Symphonic Version) [Deep Forest (Eponymous) / World Mix]
7. Deep Requiem (Symphonic Version) [New Recording]
8. Brassy Sunrise (Symphonic Version) [Epic Circuits]
9. December Melody (Symphonic Version) [New Recording]


... and special EP "Deep Formosa" also released in 2020 (Only Digital Download)

From the island of Formosa, Eric Mouquet is sharing Taiwan’s indigenous cultural heritage and vitality with the world.
This cross-national collaboration was produced by Éric, whose music group, Deep Forest, won the Best World Music Album Grammy in 1995 for Boheme. “Marta’s Song,” a track on the album, includes samples of singing by members of Taiwan’s Yami (Dawu) tribe, who live on Orchid Island. Now, 25 years later, Éric has again worked with Taiwanese indigenous musicians.
“Father of Taiwanese Folk Music” Ara Kimbo, multitalented indigenous female vocalist Sauljaljui, and a band of youngsters who are passing on old traditions—the Gaushi Ancient Ballads Choir—have come together in working to preserve the heritage of indigenous vitality through this album. The mixing, accomplished with the use of the emerging sound tech brand Ambidio, will provide an immersive listening experience with stereo mastering, whether listening through your phone, computer, tablet, or earphones.

1. Battle Song (feat. Sauljaljui)
2. La Mer (feat. Ara Kimbo)
3. Naluwan (feat. Kuskus Ancient Ballads Choir)
4. Naluwan (feat. Kuskus Ancient Ballads Choir) [Bonus-Track] (Immersive)

For an exclusive concerts, videos, unreleased tracks and mor you can join official DEEP FOREST patreon page

"Battle Song" (Official Video)

"Cafe Europa (Symphonic Version) (Official Video)"

"Deep Forest (Version 2021)"

Autre planète musicale / Re : Vangelis
« Dernier message par Oceano le 26 septembre 2021 à 09:07:04 »

Long-awaited new VANGELIS album "Juno to Jupiter" - OUT NOW!
Album is available on digital & streaming platforms (also Hi-Res Audio) / CD / CD-Deluxe Box / CD+Vinyl LP Super Deluxe Edition.
Vinyl edition of album will be released later with additional bonus-track "Cosmos Autopator".

Album "Juno to Jupiter" is available also on Apple Music in SPATIAL AUDIO DOLBY ATMOS!

Visit official website for free download of "Juno to Jupiter" Digital Booklet.

"In the Magic of Cosmos" (Official Video)
Les chevaliers d'Enigma / Re : Re : Angel Hard (Andy Jonas)
« Dernier message par Ganyman le 24 septembre 2021 à 11:39:08 »
Je pense me commander son cd prochainement même si la reprise de "return to innocence" ne me plaît pas des masses...

Effectivement, surtout que je trouve qu'il chante moins bien que sur la version originale.
Les chevaliers d'Enigma / Re : Angel Hard (Andy Jonas)
« Dernier message par enigman le 05 septembre 2021 à 08:54:44 »
Un garçon très accessible et très sympa. Il répond aux messages qu'on lui laisse. Il a véritablement une belle voix. Je pense me commander son cd prochainement même si la reprise de "return to innocence" ne me plaît pas des masses...
Les chevaliers d'Enigma / Re : Angel Hard (Andy Jonas)
« Dernier message par Oceano le 04 août 2021 à 12:07:03 »

Angel X is back with new studio album "Enigmatic Love & Devotion" - OUT NOW!
Format: Digital Download & CD

1. Light the Stars (2:59)
2. Return to Innocence (3:07)
3. I Will Never Let You Go (3:18)
4. Reach Your Heart (2:58)
5. Amarilli (3:28)
6. Lascia (3:30)
7. Dream of India (3:25)
8. Everything I'd Ever Do (3:15)
9. Message from the Elves (3:06)
10.Angels and Dreams (4:22)
11.Bonus Track: Deja Vu (3:50)
12.Bonus Track: Dead Zone (4:25)

Andy Jonas (ANGEL X) is a German singer / songwriter and music producer. He became known as the singer of the hit "Return To Innocence" by the project Enigma, produced by the German-Romanian music producer Michael Cretu.

Angel started making music as a young boy. At the age of six he started composing his own songs and making recordings with drums. He also performed and presented these songs at school. At the age of 15 he worked as a DJ in many Munich clubs and a little later as a studio singer in well-known Munich recording studios. At about 18 he started making professional recordings as a solo singer
One of these recordings heard Frank Petersen among others the creator of the project "The Gregorians". This was already in 1988.
Shortly after that Michael Cretu and Angel met in Munich / Germany and were introduced by Frank Petersen who discovered Angel. Soon after, Angel was offered an exclusive contract with Mambo Musik.
The result of the ensuing collaboration was the album "Angel X" - titled "Welcome To The Soul Asylum" on , which was featured in the German TOP 100 and released worldwide as early as 1995 (Sony Music).
There was also an extensive collaboration for Sandra, e.g. he sang the male vocal parts for some songs of the world-famous singer and wrote and texted for her the international chart hit "I close my eyes"
In 1996, the artist recorded a CD under his then new name Andy Jonas entitled "Summer in Your Heart" - a song he wrote together with Klaus Hirschburger (Hubert Kah)
In 2001 and 2003 Andy Jonas (Angel X) performed with his new band Tagträumer with the songs "Träumen und Hoffen" (2001) and Living in a perfect world" (2003). So he took part in the Grand-Prix on (ESC) twice. In the meantime there are three German-language albums of the singer.

From 1997 onwards, Andy Jonas worked increasingly as a producer and, together with his then musical partner Julian Feifel, produced, among others, the hit "Round 'n' Round (It Goes)" by German artist Gil Ofarim, for which Andy also contributed music and lyrics. The title achieved a total of ten gold records, two platinum records and two double platinum records worldwide.

The follow-up hit "Talk to You" was also composed by Andy Jonas together with Gil Ofarim, and Andy co-wrote the lyrics with Leslie Mandoki. In total, Angel contributed six tracks to Gil Ofarim's debut album "Here I Am". In addition, ANGEL X wrote and produced songs for German Grand Prix winner Nicole as well as Marienhof main actress Judith Hildebrandt.

With the successful project "Original Enigma Voices", to which Angel X was also invited, numerous concerts have been performed in the USA (Chicago), Israel, Poland, Latvia, Hungary and other countries. (www. originalenigmavoices. com)

Angel's new album (Enigmatic LOVE & DEVOTION) was produced in Sweden. For the production he could win the ingenious cult - producer Pontus Hagberg (Evan), with whom he also wrote all the songs together with other Swedish top songwriters.
Autre planète musicale / Re : chicane
« Dernier message par Oceano le 22 juin 2021 à 08:29:48 »

New CHICANE studio album "Everything We Had to Leave Behind" - OUT NOW
Format: Digital Download / CD (Limited Edition)

1. Everything We Had to Leave Behind (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
2. 8 Circle (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
3. Capricorn (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
4. Never Look Back (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
5. Sailing (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
6. Don't Look Down (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
7. One Foot in the Past, One Foot in the Future (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
8. 1000 More Suns (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
9. Juno (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
10.Make You Stay (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
11.Now or Never (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
12.An Ocean Apart (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)
13.Make You Stay (Back Pedal Brakes Remix) / (Back Pedal Brakes Extended Remix)
14.Hello, Goodbye (Album Mix) / (Extended Mix)

"Sailing" Promotional Music Video

"Never Look Back" Promotional Music Video

"Don't Look Down" Promotional Music Video

"1000 More Suns" Promotional Music Video

"8 (Circle)" Promotional Music Video

"Hello, Goodbye" Promotional Music Video

"Make You Stay (Back Pedal Brake Remix)" Promotional Music Video

"One Foot in the Past, One Foot in the Future (Back Pedal Brake Remix)" Promotional Music Video
Autre planète musicale / Re : Schiller
« Dernier message par Oceano le 22 juin 2021 à 08:04:28 »

If you haven't listened yet, SCHILLER has released a new album called "Summer in Berlin".
Format: Digital Download Version, Vinyl-LP, 2xCD (Deluxe Edition), 2xCD+2Blu-Ray (Super Deluxe)

CD1 : Summer in Berlin

1. Willkommen
2. Der Klang der Stadt
3. Summer in Berlin (mit Alphaville)
4. Der Goldene Engel
5. Miracle (mit Tricia McTeague) [Outtake from "Morgenstund"]
6. Liebe aus Asphalt
7. Wenn die Nacht Erwacht
8. Better Now (mit Janet Devlin)
9. Metropolis
10.Menschen im Hotel
11.Guardian Angel (mit Tricia McTeague)
12.Fantastique I
13.Fantastique II
14.Dem Himmel so Nah (mit Thorsten Quaeschning from Tangerine Dream) [Binaural Version]

CD 2: Live in Berlin (The Highlights) (Previously Unreleased Concert from 2019)

1. Berlin Moskau (Live in Berlin, 2019)
2. Das Glockenspiel (Live in Berlin, 2019)
3. Ultramarin (Live in Berlin, 2019)
4. Avalanche (Live in Berlin, 2019) [mit SCHWARZ]
5. Es Werde Licht (Live in Berlin, 2019)
6. Ein Schoner Tag (Live in Berli, 2019)
7. Schiller (Live in Berlin, 2019)
8. Ruhe (Live in Berlin, 2019)
9. Velvet Aeroplane (Live in Berlin, 2019) [mit Sophie Hiller]
10.Universe (Live in Berlin, 2019) [mit Tricia McTeague]
11.Das Goldene Tor (Live in Berlin, 2019) [mit Yalda Abbasi]
12.Berlin Tehran (Live in Berlin, 2019)
13.Harmonia (Live in Berlin, 2019)
14.Good Bye (Live in Berlin, 2019)

Blu-Ray 1

"Es Werde Licht" Live in Berlin - The Concert
1. I Will Follow You (Live in Berlin, 2019)
2. Berlin Moskau (Live in Berlin, 2019)
3. Das Glockenspiel (Live in Berlin, 2019)
4. Lichtermeer (Live in Berlin, 2019)
5. Looking Out for You (Live in Berlin, 2019)
6. Tired (Live in Berlin, 2019)
7. Ultramarin (Live in Berlin, 2019)
8. Avalanche (Live in Berlin, 2019)
9. New Day (Live in Berlin, 2019)
10.Es Werde Licht (Live in Berlin, 2019)
11.Ein Schoner Tag (Live in Berlin, 2019)
12.Schiller (Live in Berlin, 2019)
13.Ruhe (Live in Berlin, 2019)
14.Velvet Aeroplane (Live in Berlin, 2019)
15.Let Me Love You (Live in Berlin, 2019)
16.Dreamcatcher (Live in Berlin, 2019)
17.Universe (Live in Berlin, 2019)
18.Das Goldene Tor (Live in Berlin, 2019)
19.Berlin Tehran (Live in Berlin, 2019)
20.Once Upon a Time (Live in Berlin, 2019)
21.Everything (Live in Berlin, 2019)
22.Good Bye (Live in Berlin, 2019)
23.Harmonia (Live in Berlin, 2019)

Additional Material:
1. Summer in Berlin - The Documentary
2. Moments of Happiness - The Making of SCHILLER Live.

Blu-Ray 2:

Berlin Moskau: The Ultimate Experience - A Glowing Event by SCHILLER x Laserfabrik [Dolby Atmos]
1. Berlin Krakow
2. Krakow Minsk
3. Minsk Tula
4. Tula Moscow

Behind Closed Doors II: Dem Himmel So Nah (SCHILLER x Quaeschning) [Dolby Atmos]
1. Dem Himmel so Nah (The Lido Session)

Lichtsommer - The Concert - Part I
1. Lichtsommer (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
2. Sommernacht (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
3. Lightyears (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
4. Berlin Moskau (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
5. Schiller (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
6. Shangri La (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
7. Ultramarin (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
8. Saltom Sea (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
9. Ruhe (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
10.Mitternacht (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)

Lichtsommer - The Concert - Part II
1. Session for a Molecule Man (Live at Carstival, Mannheim) [SCHILLER x Quaeschning]
2. Dem Himmel so Nah (Live at Carstival, Mannheim) [SCHILLER x Quaeschning]
3. Das Glockenspiel (Live at Carstival, Mannheim) [SCHILLER x Quaeschning]
4. Harmonia (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)
5. Encore: Ruhe (Live at Carstival, Mannheim)

1. Der Goldene Engel (Promotional Music Video)
2. Miracle (Promotional Music Video)

1. Berlin Moskau: The Ultimate Experience
2. Live in Berlin
3. Live in Germany

Wall of Friends

"Der Goldene Engel" Promotional Music Video

"Miracle" Promotional Music Video

"Summer in Berlin" Promotional Music Video

"Metropolis" Promotional Music Video

"Berlin Moskau - The Ultimate Experience" Promo Video - Excerpt


New SCHILLER single "Beyond the Horizon" - OUT NOW!

News / Re : Enigma 9
« Dernier message par Oceano le 22 juin 2021 à 07:15:33 »
i have access to universalmusic website for journalists and there is no info about new album. There is only info about vinyl reissues, so still we have to wait a little longer...
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